“The perfect ‘execution’ book to compliment Scaling Up.” VERNE HARNISH, CEO & FOUNDER – GAZELLES INTERNATIONAL COACHING ASSOCIATION

“Shannon has absorbed a library of the best knowledge and opinions on how to grow a company. She has time-tested the concepts as a successful CEO in two companies, and distilled them into a tasty smorgasbord of practical steps to take.   Her Metronome Effect show how to install and maintain those best practices in a company “rhythm”.  I naturally am pleased that she has used and recommends Topgrading as the best practice to hire people but she does than that: she shares her mistake of cutting corners, resulting in a costly mis-hire. And she, like Topgrading CEO’s, stresses how important it is to build into a company metronome a solid commitment to stick with the disciplines that assure 90% high performance. “ BRAD SMART, CEO – TOPGRADING

“Shannon is a first rate Entrepreneur, Chief Executive, and Business Coach. Through observation of her in each role, directly and through the expericence of others working closely with Shannon, the credibility she brings to The Journey to Predictable Profit in a huge asset to fellow Entrepreneurs and Business leaders. Enjoy this book and apply the lessons within.” KEITH CUPP, PRESIDENT – GAZELLES INTERNATIONAL COACHING ASSOCIATION

“An excellent, simple, and proven system to reach strategic clarity and grow your business.” KAIHAN KRIPPENDORFF, CEO – OUTTHINKER






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