Shannon Byrne Susko speaks from experience. Unlike some professional speakers, Shannon is a professional CEO and Coach first.  With continuous front line experience, Shannon’s presentations are constantly being refreshed by new strategies she is implementing.

“Shannon Byrne Susko is consistently a top rated speaker at ACETECH. She has so much credibility that she commands a room full of CEOs”

Kathy Troupe, Executive Director- ACETECH

Speaking Topics

Metronome Effect: Journey to Predictable Profit
The Metronome Effect will guide you on your journey to predictable profit. Every leader wants to reduce their risk by predicting profit. Shannon will take you on her journeyof over 15 years, in building 4 companies through a practical step by step framework, based on the best business minds, so all leaders can discover their path to predictable profit.

Scaling Up your Business while Scaling your Team
Growing and scaling a business can be a challenge in itself. How can you assure that you and your team are growing while the business is growing.  Shannon will describe her journey in co-founding, building and selling two high tech companies while “scaling” herself and her team.

The Human System” powered by The Metronome Effect
Topgrading is the leading methodology world-wide for attracting, hiring and retaining top talent. It is a highly structured approach designed to ensure that only the highest performers are hired. Shannon will provide her framework for building a rhythmical human system to grow and companies.

The Journey to Predictable Cashflow
Understanding your cashflow and it’s cycles is one of the most important building blocks of growing a profitable business. In this keynote, Shannon will breakdown the steps required to understand the intricate process of mapping your cashflow and how to use it to grow your business.

Past Interviews

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Jennings Wire Interview – Listen Here

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“Shannon Byrne Susko’s presentation to our network of technology integrators was spot-on!  Her customization of the Four Decisions To Drive and Scale Growth for our audience demographics made the message really resonate with our attendees.   Because of her understanding and passion for Verne Harnish’s principals, our attendees walked away with tangible take-aways they could implement immediately in their company.  We are already talking about ways to have Shannon work with our group again!” 

Chris Miller

Executive Director, PSNI

“Shannon Byrne Susko is consistently a top rated speaker at ACETECH. She has so much credibility that she commands a room full of CEOs. The habits and discipline she teaches comes from a wealth of experience not only as an accomplished CEO but as an athlete. She is driven and determined and she never stops learning. Shannon helps people grow their businesses by sharing what she has learned in a practical and prescriptive approach, delivered with energy and enthusiasm.”

Kathy Troupe

Executive Director, ACETECH