I loved learning about the 10,000 hour rule when Malcom Galdwell brought it forward in his book “Outliers”.  The 10,000 hour rule was derived from the work of Psychologist K Anders Ericsson, who studied the way people become experts in their fields. However, since its release, many studies have focused on disproving Gladwells 10,000 hour “rule”. Additional studies support a theory that the correlation between hours spent practising and the achievement of mastery are extremely industry/situation dependant. But regardless of the arguments for and against Gladwell’s theory, who really has 10,000 hours to dedicate solely to ONE thing anyway?!

As a CEO growing a business and as a CEO Coach, I see first-hand that no one in a leadership role (or any role really) has 10,000 hours to spend mastering just one element needed to grow our companies.  We are trying to be “masterful” at the entire system it takes to grow a company.


So instead of dedicating all of your time, and clocking every second of that time, to strategy alone, focus on learning and implementing the steps involved in the “Gut It Out” and “Good Enough”  approach outlined in my latest book  –  3HAG WAY. Although you will not get the stamp of approval for investing 10,000 hours to it, you will feel like a master of Strategic Execution the more and more you work on the 3HAG WAY!


Once you have gutted out your 3HAG, you will have the confidence and time to work through the steps to move your company to success. I have been using the 3HAG WAY in my companies since 2001 and as a coach with clients since 2011.  What I know is that it works and because of that, I have been sharing it with all of my clients!  I know that in order to have exponential impact, it’s more than just writing the book, and it’s more than just sharing it with clients.  What I want to achieve with all the business coaches worldwide and their clients is to share with them the 3HAG methodology, thus creating a network of coaches who are impacting companies worldwide through this strategic execution system. My goal is to empower coaches to “master” the step-by-step process of 3HAG WAY and gain confidence in their strategic execution.


As a big step in achieving this goal, I recently created a 3HAG Certification program for coaches! This program will impact coaches and companies to become “masterful” with the Strategic Execution System – 3HAG WAY. (Don’t worry, this program does not require 10,000 hours of your time) . The 3HAG WAY is a system that allows coaches and companies to start putting strategy into practice right away.  The 3HAG WAY system will help coaches ensure that their clients will highly achieve their desired goals.   As a “Masterful” group of 3HAG Certified coaches we can continue to evolve this methodology for greater impact. Hope you can join me at one of the 2 Day Certification Sessions this fall.



 -Shannon Byrne Susko


If you would like to learn more about 3HAG Certification for Coaches and to register, click below! 





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