The Strategic Execution System That Ensures Your Strategy Is Not A Wild-Ass-Guess!

3HAG WAY takes business-proven methods for people, strategy, execution and cash, and shows leaders how to implement these key repeatable systems for your business in a practical way, so you can scale your company.

3HAG WAY explains the importance of implementing a practical Strategic Execution System that will allow your company to connect your business’s daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and year-of-execution goals and align them with your 3-year Highly Achievable Goal – your 3HAG!

“Shannon [Byrne Susko] has done an amazing job with this book. Capturing the essence of the 3HAG Strategic Execution system in an easy to read, simple to implement process that business leaders can put to work quickly and effectively for their growing business.  If you want to build a solid strategy that works, the 3HAG WAY is it.” – Keith Upkes, Business Coach

“The 3HAG WAY is a simple and robust framework that outlines exactly how to apply a strategic planning process to your business which provides a focus and clear direction to execute on the right strategy. A step by step guide, it is probably one of the best bang for buck books on the subject one can find.” – Brad Giles,  Evolution Partners



“The 3HAG WAY has opened new ways of thinking and new ways of planning to my clients. These tools create a such strong level of strategic clarity and confidence for the client – they truly believe they will make their plans a reality, and they know how they will get there. The strategic pictures that are painted when using the 3HAG framework, give us the tools to keep evaluating the changing environment, to adjust as needed and to move quickly forward.”

— Jerry Fons, President/Coach at Executive Power LLC